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A professional way to retrieve the locked Facebook account


 A professional way to retrieve the locked Facebook account

Upload a picture of yourself

You must upload a photo showing your face clearly.

And you must make sure that the image is well lit and not blurred. You should also not include other people in the shot.

What they ask is to upload a selfie with your face clearly visible, to review whether it matches the person

In the profile pictures and photos that you have shared with your name on Facebook.

This is now the most common identity verification and you can go through it at any time at any account without apparent reason

Although it will most likely ask you when your account has not been heated enough and has no level

Sufficient confidence, or when suspicion raises actions like spam, too fast actions, etc.

How to protect your account from prudential lock - please upload a picture of yourself

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Therefore, it is highly recommended to upload the image to the same person who owns the account, and even change the profile picture,

Mark the profile picture as "yourself," and keep 1 to 2 photos (not uploaded).

It shows your face clearly for future verifications.

Note that when you submit your personal photos for review, Facebook can see matches for the photo uploaded via

Internet (just google image search) or even can use the new face recognition software to match anyone

On Facebook or Instagram (Facebook acquired it in 2012), so uploading images that

 It was never published on the Internet.

Facebook will review the image and if it was not clear or previously published on other sites, your review process will be unsuccessful, and this will lead to the disruption of your account.

(However, it will not be easy to get your account back by appealing via the ID document.)

So the best way to prevent this is to upload some photos showing your face and tag your profile

On them yourself, keeping two or more un-uploaded photos, ready to be sent for photo verification

in the end.

Account recovery:

Please first get your current profile picture. If it's already locked and you haven't saved the image, you can still get

On a thumbnail to try to log in to the account with the wrong password.

This will take you to a screen where the profile picture thumbnail appears, asking "Is this you?" Or something similar.

However, if you change the IP address or browser, or delete the cookie, the thumbnail will not appear.

Once you get this thumbnail, copy its URL, and change the number 50 or 64 at the end

The long URL, and change it to 512, for a larger thumbnail.

Second, you must get the image that you will upload. You can tweak this image a little (change colors, change gamma,

Resize it to 1,000 pixels as a minimum for the shorter side, etc.) and use it to try to bypass Facebook's precautionary lock.

As a second option, you can try to search for a similar image through Google Image Search, by uploading to images

Google, search your previously downloaded profile picture, or if you haven't downloaded it, using the URL

Above is from the thumbnail. If you are looking for a picture of the most similar person, make sure to also adjust the image colors

Etc., and resize it to 1000 pixels as a minimum for the shorter side, then upload this modified image for verification.

Third, send the image to Facebook. When you download this image, a message appears stating that your account will be deactivated

Temporarily while Facebook is reviewing the photo.

In conclusion, we hope that this educational article “A Professional Way to Recover a Locked Facebook Account” will help you to retrieve

Your locked account, please upload a picture of yourself to Facebook.

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