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A new way to control the phone from the computer


 A new way to control the phone from the computer

Integration between a smartphone and a computer is inevitable in a world where the dynamics of our technology use are shifting between these two devices. In the case of Apple, it is something that practically comes from the factory, however, in Android they recently started taking important steps with the My Phone app. However, today we want to talk about a third-party application that allows you to control your smartphone from your computer

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Its name is AnLink and through a fairly quick process you can control your smartphone from the computer, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, or via USB.
Remote access and system control is a technology that has been with us for years, and provides us with many benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that the need to control a smartphone from a computer arises. Sometimes, the smartphone may be far from us and we need to read a message or send a file. In this sense, we can control it remotely from the computer through the AnLink app.
This app stands out because its connection process to control the smartphone from the PC is really fast. In this way, you can take advantage of this possibility through a USB cable as well as a Wi-Fi connection.
To use a WiFi connection to control the phone from the computer, you will first have to make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. Later, pair them by running the app on both computer and smartphone. That way, you'll instantly see a window displaying your phone's screen. From there, you can interact with all of your applications, write and even share the clipboard from the phone to the computer.

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The importance of AnLink is how fast and easy it is to connect devices, as well as provide a very good experience. If you want convenience without cables, you can use WiFi calling. On the other hand, if you need seamlessness, a USB cable is recommended.
Therefore, if you need to control your smartphone from your computer, feel free to give AnLink a try

Link: AnLink