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How to transfer WhatsApp groups to Signal


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 In pictures ... How to transfer WhatsApp groups to Signal

The blog of billionaire Elon Musk played a prominent role in the popularity of the Signal messaging app, after many WhatsApp migrated due to the update of privacy policies.

And the messaging application "Signal" has become the most downloaded in electronic stores in several countries, such as Germany and India, since WhatsApp announced its intention to share the data of about 2 billion users with Facebook.

In order to make the most of the popularity of the "Signal" application during the recent period, the application published on its official account on "Twitter" a set of pictures showing how to transfer groups from WhatsApp to Signal.

The application announced that its voice phone calls would allow 8 participants to be hosted at once instead of 5, as part of several steps aimed at benefiting from its greatly increasing popularity, following the anger over WhatsApp updates that aim to share more information with Facebook.

4 steps

1- In the beginning, you must create a group in the Signal application by adding at least one person manually, then give the group a name and a profile picture for it.

2- After creating the group, go to the group settings, and turn on the group link switch, a feature that allows you to get a link through which you can join the group directly.

3- Activate the group link and click share.

4- Send the group link to whoever you want to join the group without you needing to add it yourself.

It should be noted that the application "WhatsApp" is facing many criticisms following the request of the parent company (Facebook) of its approximately two billion users around the world, to agree to new terms of use that allow it to share more data with Facebook.

Users who will refuse to accept the new terms will be banned from using their accounts from February 8th.