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Meet the dangerous Vapid Slam Truck


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 Meet the dangerous Vapid Slam Truck, now available in GTA Online ..

Rockstar continues to support its current game, which it treats in a completely separate way from the original game, we are talking here of course about GTA Online, which recently received a distinct update that doubles the experience points of players, and its internal store also received special discounts and also added new vehicles to it, including the Vapid Slamtruck vehicle that they must Own it now and immediately.

Rockstar company has announced the update of the Southern San Andreas Super Autos store in the game and added the new and powerful truck Vapid Slamtruck that works as a vehicle and also as a motorcycle ramp and can be shared with friends. Rockstar wrote about this vehicle the following he mentioned on its Rockstar Newswire news site:
Enjoy this beautiful vehicle that will keep road idiots off your ramp, Slam truck is the perfect vehicle for road control despite its bad reputation in catastrophic accidents.
 This vehicle comes as part of the weekly game phase updates and the Bunker has been updated in the game so you can go now to check the latest offers and put the aforementioned vehicle towards your eyes, but up to this point I still wonder why the company supports the multiplayer phase in the game in this way while neglecting The full and complete phase of the story, I wait for your answer.

Are you going to buy this truck with two functions, where, how will you use it, and most importantly against whom and with whom? Share with us below in the comments section.