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What are the Cashback sites that enable you to get 40% of your money back


What are the cashback sites that enable you to recover 40% of your money that you spent when buying online?

Let us first explain what the nature of these sites is before we get to know how to recover part of your paid money, which we will discuss in detail, these sites are usually dedicated to facilitating purchases from major stores and even increasing their sales rates as well, among those stores that contract with cache sites Think, Amazon Walmart, Ebay, as well as famous brands such as Adidas, Dell, and other technology companies.

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These large companies are working to attract more customers, in agreement with the cash back sites, to allow customers who finish their purchases through them to recover part of their money after a certain period ranging between a month or two, and this part may sometimes exceed 40% of the value of the amount paid.
From here it becomes clear how the cash back sites work, which is summarized in promoting large stores in exchange for a profit rate that goes to the site and another percentage for the buyer, so my advice to you is that if you want to buy any product, whether it is from the Amazon or other shopping site, go first to the cashback sites and then By completing the purchase process during it, to ensure that you get back not a little of your money.

If we assume that you want to buy a Dell computer and its price on Amazon at the time is $ 200 and you end the purchase directly from the Amazon site itself, you will not get a single cent back from your money, while if you go to the other way and finish the purchase from Amazon, but through cashback sites, you will get 40% back. Any money back is $ 80 which means saving a lot of your money.

What are the most prominent of those sites?

Among the best known cash back sites, Befrugal and Top cash back, as soon as you register on any of them you get a small amount of money in your account as a gift of $ 10, and both sites give you the opportunity to profit through what is called referral, meaning that you get a link of your own after registration You can send this link to your friends, family, as well as your followers through social platforms to motivate them to register on the site, and when you register any of them, he gets $ 10 in his account, and you also get ten dollars if he completes the initial purchase on the site.