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TCL 2021 TVs support 8K resolution and new mini LED technology


 TCL 2021 TVs support 8K resolution and new  mini LED technology

TCL unveiled a new generation of TVs at CES this year, as the new generation supports 8K resolution, along with the new mini LED technology in the screens.

TCL LCD TVs have been among the best devices in the market over the past years, and in 2021 the company launches a distinctive upgrade for these devices, as the company launches its mid-range 6 series of devices with support for 8K resolution that offers 4 times better display quality compared to 4K resolution.

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The company also confirms that the new devices will support 4K content broadcasting also in the event that the distinctive 8K content is not available, and the latest version of the 6 mid-range devices with the second generation of mini LED backlight technology that is now offered by LG and Samsung.

TCL also introduces the third generation of mini LED backlight technology, OD Zero, where Zero refers to the distance between the mini LED lighting layers, so the screens have a thinner design.

TCL also offers its product line of XL devices, which is available in 85-inch size, along with XL models of the 4 series that support 4K resolution in the largest screens that launch at $ 1599 in the first quarter of this year, while the QLED screen comes with the advantage of entering content at a refresh rate of 120Hz Via HDMI, the highest version of mini LED technology comes later this year.