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Even if the Playstation 5 is less powerful than the Xbox SX, Sony will win.


 We are now on the verge of a new generation of home appliances, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and it seems that the battle between the two adversaries has begun even a year before these devices reached us and perhaps more, so the war for the acquisition of studios practiced by Microsoft and, to a lesser extent, Sony was the spark of the beginning. Each of them in order to control the new generation from the first day.

But for every battle there is a plan and basics, so what is Sony’s plan that will ensure its continued control over the home appliances market that it started with the PlayStation 4, and what is Microsoft’s plan that it will compete with to regain its lost position this generation?

Playstation 5 officially announced specifications

So far, Sony has followed the method of progressive detection of the Playstation 5 device, which we recently obtained confirmation that it will bear this name or shortened PS5, and we also learned that AMD will build the device's technology as it did with the Playstation 4 and the advanced Zen processors will be used in the device while it will be adopted in The graphics card is on the new generation Navi, and the device will be supported by fast GDDR6 random memory and an SSD hard disk with high-speed NVMe technology and also revealed some characteristics of the controller that will be distinguished by the Haptic Feedback system instead of the Rumble technology used in the PlayStation 4 controller Besides improving the sensitivity of the buttons, they will respond according to the strength and intensity of pressing on them.

This is all that has been officially disclosed so far about the Playstation 5, and on the other hand, Microsoft revealed the same technologies that will be present in the Xbox Series X, but with the addition of another element, which is to reveal the shape of the device and the console as you can see in the picture below.

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There is still a lot that Sony hides from the actual specifications of the Playstation 5 device, as well as the price and shape of the device, but some semi-reliable leaks have begun to reach us that Sony will follow the most appropriate price base for the consumer and it seems that this is Sony's plan that it will follow in the next generation.

Power or the right price ?!

At the time when the details of the specifications of the Playstation 5 device and the Xbox Series X reached us in an informal way, many were surprised that the strength of the latter would surpass the power of the next Sony device by a tangible difference, although the power of graphics cards will not be measured in Teraflops with the new Navi technology, but there were estimates. From some specialists that the power of the graphics card in the Playstation 5 will be equivalent to 9.2 teraflops, while in the Xbox Series X it will reach 12 teraflops, and the latter will also outperform the number of active cores, and according to these informal specifications, analysts see that Sony wants to go on a plan to balance price and power By offering a device at a price between 400 - 500 dollars and less power, while Microsoft may go in two directions, the first is the force by offering a version of the Xbox with high capabilities that may be the same as the mentioned specifications and the price may reach 600 dollars and others with lower specifications and a lower price (300- $ 400).

If Sony wants to follow the theory of the balance between price and power, we expect that the capabilities of the Playstation 5 will be less than those that will be present in the new Xbox, and this may make it lose the power war, while on the other hand there will be 3 other elements with which it will play against Microsoft at the time, which are:

Strong Exclusives

This is the most important element for players, as we may be dazzled by the power for some time, but in the end the games are what will keep us and we will always search for them, and whenever there are strong games, the more popular there is, and Sony presented a clear and strong model with the PlayStation 4 by providing exclusive titles throughout General and throughout the life of the device with a variety of these games, and in the end the device succeeded in exceeding the limit of 100 million and more.

Besides that, the public was completely satisfied with it, and this weapon is still owned by Sony, and perhaps this time is much stronger with the possession of an arsenal of powerful studios that are all now preparing to launch their new titles, and here is another thing I want to talk about which is the ingenuity of Sony studios in exploiting the capabilities of their devices and this In itself, an element of strength that Microsoft does not possess yet, despite the inclusion of more studios.

Large fan base

Here I will talk about another important element as well, which is the huge audience that the PlayStation owns, because this large number of subscribers on the network or owners of the PlayStation 4 device will transfer a large percentage to the new generation, and here Sony will open a great way to ensure that it has a large fan base from the first days of the launch of PlayStation 5 In the market, this is a given.

Large fan base

Sony also qualifies it more by making the PlayStation 5 device compatible with the games of the past generation, and perhaps all the previous PlayStation family games with improvement in performance and quality, as well as support for all PlayStation 4 accessories, and this in itself is an element of encouragement for everyone who owns a PlayStation 4 or any device from The Playstation family is to move safely and reassuringly to the new generation, with its huge game library and accessories that he owned in the previous generation, without paying any additional money.

Right price

Technology is constantly advancing, and no matter how home gaming devices try to match it, it will not succeed in that for the simple reason that these devices last for several years while computer technology develops from year to year, and here Sony’s intelligence appears by holding the stick in the middle to match the technology at a certain point and at the same time It offers an entertainment gaming device at a reasonable price for the players' class, so Sony will try not to fall into the error of the Playstation 3, which provided high technology at the time using its advanced Cell processor, but it fell into the price trap ($ 600) that did not suit many of the audience and thus, huge losses.

This element, along with the elements that I talked about above, will make the Playstation 5 the most attractive platform for many players to enter the new generation. On the other hand, Microsoft is trying to play on the element of strength and the high price, despite expectations that the company will offer a device at a lower price and less capabilities, but who will buy a device with capabilities Less while there is another device that is more powerful? Microsoft may have to think about it before implementing it, but if the leaks are correct, it is too late now, and everyone is preparing to launch the new generation devices less than a year from now, and it may reach the market in November of this year.