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Learn about phasmophobia and black horror


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 Learn about the game of Jinns and Black Horror Phasmophobia and the new update that makes the Djinn follow you around every corner

Who does not know the game Phasmophobia or Vasmophobia, it is a cooperative four-player game that relies mainly on black terror, and you will be part of the Vasumophobia team in order to uncover the mystery of these supernatural phenomena, in other words the game contains the perception of jinn and not ghosts as some imagine, Beware, because it is not a game aimed at people with weak hearts, or young people, and your main task is to search for evidence and photograph it using all the tools available to you, and it will not be easy to find a corner in an abandoned house where its low temperature is identical to the location of this genie.

The game is closer to Ghost Buster, but the difference between it and Phasmophobia is that your first task is only to arrest the ordinary "cute" ghosts, and it is characterized by its slightly fun phantom. As for the game, Vasumophobia can be considered more black and mysterious and there is no way to arrest the ghost, and it will be You have missions written on the wall at the base of the tee, and the missions will disappear as they are completed.

Phasmophobia is characterized by extremely terrifying situations that those with weak hearts may not tolerate, such as your feeling of exaggerated calm and at the same time a feeling from time to time that there is a spirit that follows you, you do not see it, but the atmosphere of the game gives you this feeling of horror, add you also when speaking on the wireless radio with your friends The jinn who is at home may respond to you without noticing him or getting to know him, and use the same frequency with which you communicate with your colleagues.

Sometimes while exploring an abandoned home or hospital, and entering a room where there is a piano, do not be surprised if you hear its voice as if someone deliberately pressed it, so much so that you will doubt yourself if you have already heard it or if you only imagined the sound.

What terrifies me the most while watching the game is your vision of a friend's imagination, but it is not really his real imagination, and you will notice that because its reflection is different and slightly darker than it is supposed to be compared to other fantasies inside the room, but what will you do? Will you scream !! Of course, there is no trick in hand, so keep your eyes on this imagination and watch it and make sure of its truth because you may be deluded by it, or "Do yourself as I can not see" and complete the task.

I will add to you one last thing in this terrifying game, which is that the jinn will definitely succeed in sowing suspicion and confusion between you and your friends when one of them is far from your eyes, by embodying the identity of one of your friends, and at the same time you may actually see things that your other friends will not see, so therefore Expect screaming and chaos in this short experiment.

The latest update released for Phasmophobia makes it more terrifying “on the grounds that it needs to be more terrifying.” The update makes the jinn follow you in all corners of the place, in addition to a number of bug fixes and small modifications to make the horror game more smooth in play, and you can see the rest of Update details by going to the developer account.

The game developed and published by the independent studio Kinetic Game is available on the PC through the Steam platform at a price of $ 3.99, and it supports virtual reality glasses as well, in addition to it was among the nominees for the game of the year for the best virtual reality game on the Steam platform.

Are you ready to take on this adventure with the other world?