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PUBG Mobile developers have nearly two million accounts!


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 In the first week of 2021, PUBG Mobile developers had nearly 2 million accounts!

PUBG Mobile is well known, and people who are interested and not also interested in the gaming industry know it. At the end of last year, we learned that the Battle Royale game achieved the highest profits among mobile games, and this shows us its wide popularity around the world. Of course, such a reputation means a lot of cheat players who sabotage the experience on others. Development studio is ruthless and last week, nearly two million accounts were blocked.

In the first week of the new year, that is, at the end of the sixteenth season, the anti-fraud team of PUBG Mobile banned one million 754 thousand accounts. As always, the development team shares with us more details about the blocked accounts and below you will find the most common types of fraud used.

28% AA Penetration
24% x-ray vision
15% Speed Penetration
14% area damage adjustment
12% other than that
7% of the personal model amendment

Regarding the levels that had suffered from cheating, the level of Bronze was the victim as always. Below you can see the full list.

36% of cheaters were at Bronze level
14% of cheaters were Diamond level
12% of cheaters were crowned
11% of cheaters were platinum-level
9% of cheaters were at the Silver level
8% of cheaters were Gold
8% of cheaters were on the trump card
2% of cheaters were on the level of an invader

PUBG Mobile suffers from cheating a lot, especially because it is free and available on various devices, but the developers have not stopped their struggle and work to provide a fair experience for everyone. Have you encountered two cheaters in the game? Tell us the comments below!