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Reports say PUBG 2 is currently in development


 After the strong successes achieved by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds over the past years, it was not surprising that the game was linked to other titles as it was previously. Work is starting on the second part for now.

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The Battle Royale game, which exploited its successes in huge competitions such as PUBG Mobile with prizes of up to two million dollars, will apparently get a second part in the coming period, according to the Korean report that explained the work of Krafton (the new name of PUBG Corp.) to recruit new developers in its offices The flagship of Seoul for PUBG 2 as early as May 2019, and at the same time, PUBG Mobile 2 is being developed internally by the team that previously developed PUBG Lite for computers with limited capabilities.

The same report made it clear that despite the game creator Brendan Greene's previous statements that he had no intention of working on a sequel, he is already working on the highly anticipated title at the same time he is working on an entirely new project in development for some time.

There is no official confirmation of the correctness of this information at the moment, but given the successes that PUBG has achieved, the developer is sure to consider a second part with better capabilities and features that did not make its way to the current game.