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Warning .. security holes in the "screen card" from Nvidia


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 Warning .. security holes in the "screen card" from Nvidia

The Federal Office for Information Technology Security has warned of numerous security flaws in the drivers for the Nvidia graphics cards.

The loopholes give hackers the ability to disable cards or spy on and misuse data, as well as the ability to fully control the computer.

The German experts added that the implementation of these attacks requires local access to a computer, while they cannot be executed via the Internet.

And the user must install the new updates for the drivers, recently launched by Nvidia, as soon as possible to protect his personal data.

And the American technology company, Nvidia, published a few weeks ago promotional videos revealing the latest graphics processors developed by the GeForce RTX class.

The company indicated that its new processors GeForce RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 got new technologies that make them more efficient and faster in terms of dealing with images and videos from the processors that they previously put forward.