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An impression after the Hitman 3 trial


Impression After the Hitman 3 Experience | The best way to live a customer's life 47 .. 

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Hitman 3 is coming for us on the 20th of January to continue the story of the second part and bring us back to stealth, infiltration and assassination with the opportunity to explore the world. I finished the first part in its year of release and played the second part, so is the third part worth the hype and its price? The developed IO Interactive studio provided us with the opportunity to try the game on a PC and we will share with you our impression after we tried the first two stages in the third part.

The experience was not really different from the previous part as the overall design is still the same. Each stage takes you somewhere in the world and presents you with one or more goals, and the rest is on you where you know, Agent 47 always completes his tasks in different ways and by all means. The gameplay is the strongest aspect of Hitman 3 and the mechanics in the new part are still similar to the previous parts but have been improved. This is not really surprising because the development studio provided us with the foundation in the first part and improved it in the second part and now it has reached the best picture with the third part. If you expect a completely different experience, you will disappoint the game, but of course there are new additions, improvements and mechanisms.

Before we talk more about the gameplay, we must mention that the engine and techniques used are significantly better than the previous part, and even the performance on the PC is better, and the game does not consume all the resources. There are a lot more characters on screen and this is what we saw in the Dubai stage. The lighting has improved significantly and there is a decent improvement in graphics, but don't expect a lot of height or "new generation" graphics - that doesn't mean it's not pretty.

Agent 47 is always in uninvited places and how to immerse yourself in the crowd, find your target and learn more about the characters and the story is up to you. You can monitor their actions and poison them, or create the appropriate scene to kill them as an accident, or improvise and kill everyone who stands in your way, but the game loses its fun. As in the previous parts, you can run to your target and kill it, then run away and finish the mission, but the game loses its essence and fun. This series, and Hitman 3 in particular, encourages you to play anonymously and try everything that can be experienced in your surroundings.

Dubai is the first stage you will play in the new section inside the tallest tower in the world. There is a Kipper party and a lot of people and you can always steal workers' clothes and impersonate them to be able to reach forbidden places and get closer to your goals to wait for the right moment. Personally, I was really excited for the Dubai stage to see Arabic writings and hear Arabic words, but there are no Arab voices and Arab writings are all intermittent and from left to right and this is what frustrated me deeply. Now we cannot share screenshots from inside the game, but prepare yourself for frustration at the Dubai stage because of this thing.

The first stage was good but the second stage, which took us to England, was fun and special and surprised me. In the second stage, you will have to eliminate your target at Dartmoor Palace, and when you reach it, your assistant and your friend will tell you about what is happening in the palace, why the target is me, and who will be there. As you get closer, you will know that there is an investigator coming to investigate the death of one of the characters in this palace, and you can enter the palace like this detective and introduce yourself. This command will enable you to reach almost all points of the house and get close to the target, but you can play the role of a real investigator, learn more about all the characters and what is happening in the house, investigate and solve this murder! A few days ago I watched Knives Out (I recommend it) and this stage is the closest thing to it in video games and it was one of the best Hitman 3. To be honest, I enjoyed investigating and gathering more information than the assassination itself.

Artificial intelligence is good and every character has a certain routine and the development team tried to breathe life into every character and room, and we can say that they succeeded in that. The two stages that we have tried are carefully designed and lovingly designed for the series that will end with this trilogy. The game also offers repeatability and when you finish each stage you will see things and methods that you have not yet discovered and will open new items and places that help you change the experience.

In the end, I can say that the second stage (Dartmot Palace) was distinctively written and provided us with an ideal experience, and we only have to wait for the 20th of January to see if the remaining stages will present us with the same thing. Based on my many hours of experience, Hitman 3 is worth a try especially if you like stealth games, stealth, and Agent 47.