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Goldman Sachs is preparing to enter the crypto market "soon"


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 "Goldman Sachs" is preparing to enter the crypto market "soon", according to informed sources

Institutional demand for the crypto market is increasing.

According to informed sources, who reported that Goldman Sachs is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency market by issuing a request for information (RFI) to explore the preservation and storage of cryptocurrencies.

When the same source who leaked the news was asked about the timing, he replied that the digital currency preservation services that the bank will announce will soon be clear.

"Goldman Sachs" bank submitted a request for information - "Request For Information", which is abbreviated as "RFI" - for storing cryptocurrencies.

The intention and interest of "Goldman Sachs" in the cryptocurrency market is not emerging from the moment as many indicators appeared earlier suggesting this.

A source from Goldman Sachs, who asked not to be named, stated the following:
We have issued an RFI Information Request to consider the digital preservation of cryptocurrencies.

We are extensively exploring digital preservation and we'll decide what comes next.

The bank’s initiative to explore digital currencies was part of a broad digital strategy.

 The same source stated that the bank was encouraged to endorse its move further after the speech made by the Office of the Currency Controller “OCC” in the United States of America.

A radical shift occurred in the world of cryptocurrency preservation this week, as San Francisco-based Anchorage obtained conditional approval from the OCC’s Office of the Comptroller to become a national digital bank.

Mr. Diogo Monica, President of Anchorage said:

This regulatory approval will invite many risk-averse players and institutions to enter the crypto market.

 When asked, "Diogo Monica" about the bank "GB Morgan" and "Goldman Sachs" and "Citi", which is one of the major American banks that most of them monitor with regard to saving digital currencies.

Monica replied:

We're really talking to all of them.

 There has been talk about the possibility that Goldman Sachs would provide services similar to brokerage and brokerage in cryptocurrency.

But the source familiar with Goldman Sachs said the bank is looking at preserving digital currencies, not brokerage.

The source said:

Anchorage, BitGo and Coinbase have very big plans in the cryptocurrency brokerage space and we will not look to repeat them.