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A list of the most expensive characters in the game Garena Free Fire


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 A list of the most expensive characters in the Garena Free Fire game at the moment.

What distinguishes Garena Free Fire from other Battle Royale games is the characters in the game, which are characterized by vitality and diversity in their abilities and wonderful designs, of course, as they make the player confused about whether to adopt the character they want to play and excel with.

Unfortunately, most of these characters are not available for free as some think, it is true that the game is free, but it generates profits and income from selling these characters for a certain currency that all Free Fire players know for sure, so as long as the game remains free, there is no harm in entering purchases within the game, provided that Not to damage the balance in the game.

Today, and through this article, we will include a list of the five most expensive playable characters, during the beginning of this new year, and we will start with the fifth character in the list of the most expensive characters.

The CLU character

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The elegant personality of CLU has a unique ability called Tracing Steps where it can discover enemies' locations within 30 meters of your whereabouts, provided that it is not in the position of lying or crawling, and this ability is activated through the first level, in addition to being able to transmit information to its colleagues Other enemies will be removed from enemy positions upon reaching the fourth level of experience, as this ability lasts for only 5 seconds.

You can increase it through other additions that you use, and upon reaching the maximum level, you can discover enemy locations for a distance of 50 meters, and for a period of 7 seconds, and the price of this character during this month is 499 pieces of diamonds.

Dasha Character

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When you choose Dasha, you will have the feature to reduce damage when falling from high places by 30%, and this is of course due to its smooth movements and light weight that helps it, in addition to that it can reduce the recovery time from falling by 60%, and reduce the rate of bounce back accumulation by 6% Finally, the maximum rebound is reduced by 6%.

Dasha's character at its maximum level allows to reduce the damage caused by falling by 50%, in addition to reducing the recovery time from falling by 80%, also reducing the rate of accumulation of rebound by 10%, and finally reducing the maximum recoil by 10%. This character during this month 499 diamond coins.

Kapella Character

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Kapella's character with cute Asian features, and has the property that enables her to increase the effects of items, tools and healing skills by 10%, in addition to her ability to reduce the health loss of her allies when it decreases by 20%, she can also raise her level in the game, which will enhance the percentage of her skills and abilities The price of this character during this month is 499 pieces of diamonds.

The character of K Captain booyah

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The character K Captain Boya, which is considered one of the main and distinguished characters in the game, has a very unique ability which is to activate an ability called Master of All, and he possesses two sets of skills, one in Jiu-Jitsu mode, where his allies close to him with a moderate smile get an increase of 500% In the conversion rate of EP points that are consumed to return your health points, he can recover two sets of 100 EP every three seconds, and it takes 20 seconds to reactivate the feature, and the price of this character during this month is 599 pieces of diamonds.

DJ Alok character

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Finally, we come to the DJ Alok character, which is considered one of the most expensive characters that can be obtained in the Free Fire game because it is always high in price, and it is rare to find discounts and reductions in its price, and he is considered one of the most popular characters, characterized by his ability to create an aura of 5 meters Increases Allied Movement Speed ​​by 10%.

In addition to restoring five health points for five seconds, and he can enhance his ability to the sixth level using the character's upgrade cards, and at his maximum ability he can increase the speed of the movement of allies by 15% and restore health points for 10 seconds, and the price of this character is 566 diamond coins.

Here, we have finished our search through the Internet for the best characters that are the most expensive at the moment in order to experience the best experience in the game of Garena Free Fire, and wait for us in another article in which we talk about the worst characters that you should avoid playing with.

Share with us your opinions and impressions about the characters, are there other characters that you can suggest to us?