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Facebook is logging out of user accounts ... What happens?


 Facebook is logging out of user accounts ... What happens?

If you notice when you log into the Facebook application from your mobile device that the session has been closed automatically, do not worry, no one has stolen your account. The social network released a statement explaining that both Facebook and Messenger are facing issues all over the world.
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Although they haven't yet provided many details about the error that causes user accounts to be logged out, several rumors suggest that the problem is related to the servers that the social network has. These servers got into maintenance the wrong way, causing all users 'sessions (almost everywhere in the world) to close without their owners' consent.

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To check if it was the social network that closed your session automatically, we recommend that you open, close and open the application again. In the event that the session closes on its own, you can ensure that your account is within the Facebook servers that have been affected by this maintenance error.
Unfortunately, there is no solution you can implement to prevent your Facebook session from shutting itself down. Likewise, if the Facebook app shuts itself off automatically in addition to closing the session automatically, we recommend deleting the cache or uninstalling the app and downloading it again.