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Professionals: FIFA Ultimate Team is not gambling and is similar to Kinder Surprise


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 EA has always been under fire due to the system of buying and gambling in its games, the most recent of which is FIFA Ultimate Team, which is facing widespread criticism due to some view that it mimics the system of gambling with players.

FIFA Ultimate Team has developed that enables players to buy random packs that enable them to get special players through which they can build their ideal team, but these packages may not provide the user with the players he is looking for and he may need to buy more in order to reach what he is looking for.

Peter Moore is a veteran of the video game industry who previously worked with EA and also worked with Microsoft, and recently with Nifty Games, during his conversation with GamesIndustry.biz, he said that developing FIFA Ultimate Team is far from the gambling system, where he commented:

You always get something, it is not as if you opened it and did not find players in it, this is a personal point of view, but the concept of surprise and joy is different from gambling, they are far from each other. You buy or work your way up to a gold pack and then unlock it, and you are either happy with what you got or think it's a bad pack. I don't see it as a gamble in and of itself - but again, that's my personal view.

 As for Kerry Hopkins, Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs at EA, he likens it to what the consumer gets when they buy Kinder Eggs, Hatchimals, or LOL Surprise that are sold in the market, as people like the surprises that they get in these purchases and may satisfy them or not, but in the end there is something What they will get so this is different from gambling.

Views may be convincing to many, but EA is still facing the judiciary for this matter and so far there is no clear decision from the concerned authorities about the ruling on the matter, but what is your point of view.