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Death Stranding will get additional story content and an upgrade for the PS5.


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 Death Stranding will get additional story content and an upgrade for the PS5.

Death Stranding is one of those games that you'll hear a lot of bad talk about and a lot of good talk too, some call it pizza delivery, but as I said in our review of it, pizza delivery was very fun with the strange world, story and characters that attract you to learn more about it, in case You've never played it before and plan to play it soon, take a moment, especially if you have a PS5.

The information that we will share in this news comes to us from Navtra, one of the sources that leaked several news about the previous PlayStation exclusives, as he was the first to talk about the Final Fantasy XVI announcement of the PS5 game review event and it was true. Also, we previously shared information about Final Fantasy VII Remake and other Square Enix projects.

Navtra recently teased players on the ResetEra forum, saying, "If you are interested in Death Stranding but haven't played it yet, you might be better off waiting a little." When a player asked him if this news would come with the PS5 version, Navtra replied:
Even if there is an upgrade, I think it will be paid as there is new story content in this version.
 Of course, this talk is informal and may be far from true, but if we look at the history of Hideo Kojima, it would not be really surprising, as he previously released expanded versions of Metal Gear Solid games. Besides, almost all of Sony's first-party games get PS5 upgrades and support, so Death Stranding is expected to follow the same path.

Do you want additional story content for the game and are you planning to try it out on PS5 to see its true beauty as seen in the PC version? Share with us the comments below!