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The Coronavirus vaccine has been offered for sale for up to $ 1,000 in Bitcoin


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 The latest fraud ... a Coronavirus vaccine has been offered for sale for up to $ 1,000 in Bitcoin

Coronavirus vaccine for sale, for up to $ 1,000 of Bitcoin on the dark web.

The content of the Coronavirus vaccine is currently being widely discussed since the virus began spreading globally last year.

Although only a handful of vaccines are approved, distributing them faces some difficulties and delays.

Which fraudsters took advantage of and began promoting vaccines on the dark web, requesting up to $ 1,000 of Bitcoin for each dose of the vaccine.

Offer to sell corona virus vaccines on the dark web in exchange for paying in bitcoin:

Vaccines usually require years of research and testing before they reach people.

But the rapid spread of the Corona virus has made scientists around the world compete in time to reach the production of an effective vaccine.

According to the New York Times, 65 vaccines are currently being tested in human clinical trials, and 20 of them have already reached the final stages.

Few got approval, and distribution began in December 2020.

However, production in these massive quantities caused delays, and some people began to look for alternatives and resources from elsewhere.

It is the point that the fraudsters who use the dark internet took advantage of.

According to a report issued by the cybersecurity company "Check Point" and reported by "CNBC", the dark web has witnessed a large influx of vendors who claim to be selling approved Corona virus vaccines.

For the prices these fraudulent sellers offer, the cost of a single dose of vaccine is $ 250 or $ 500.

Sometimes it may reach up to $ 1000.

Sellers have also requested that all payments be transferred via Bitcoin.

From what was stated in the report:

All vaccine lists require bitcoin to pay.
Bitcoin was seen as an anonymous payment method, but it has become easier to track recently.

 Delivery fraud:

Although the operations of presenting the Coronavirus vaccine on the Internet are unfair, it is not accepted to buy it except for the one who is inattentive, as the vaccine must be an official resource and not on the dark Internet, which is a hotbed for fraudsters and criminals.

However, some did request the vaccine, but the vendors took the money without providing any vaccine.