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7 cryptocurrencies rise 100% in a week


Bitcoin continued to set new records throughout this week, with the currency reaching $ 41,950 on the Binance platform.

The epic rise of the king of cryptocurrencies has a direct and dramatic impact on the altcoin market.

Over the past seven days, seven of the top 100 digital currencies by market capitalization have recorded 100% gains, some more.

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 7 cryptocurrencies rise 100% in just one week ... Know them


The digital currency “NANO” topped this group, rising by 325% from the beginning of the week until now.

The digital currency is designed to facilitate fast, fee-free transactions while requiring minimal hardware resources.

The digital currency “nano” has a total market value of $ 523 million, according to CoinGecko.


The digital currency "XLM" ranked second on this list, rising by 145% for the whole week.

Stellar coin is designed to facilitate inexpensive and fast transactions while allowing users to issue custom fixed digital currencies.

The market value of "XLM" is currently around $ 7 billion


For the third and fourth biggest gainers this week, and in close proportions, they are the two currencies, SNT and LRC, where the LRC cryptocurrency rose by 128%, while SNT rose by 122%.

The "Status" project behind the SNT digital currency is a mobile operating system, equipped to allow access to decentralized applications on Ethereum. The "Status" project has a market value of just over $ 233 million.

The Loopring project is an Ethereum-based protocol designed to operate fast and inexpensive decentralized platforms.

Loopring has a market value of $ 503 million.


The DOGE digital coin has come a long way from the rally at the start of the week.

The digital currency “Dogecoin” ranked fifth in this list, as this digital currency that was created as a split of the Litecoin blockchain and was for the purpose of joke, managed to achieve very serious gains, as the currency rose by 109% in the past seven days.


The digital currency “RSR” and SOL are tied for the sixth and seventh places, and both have gained 108% in the past seven days.

The digital currency “RSR” is a digital currency designed to balance the stable “RSV” value.

SOL is a high-performance blockchain that delivers fast transactions of 65,000 transactions per second.

These were the most prominent cryptocurrencies that rank in the 100 best cryptocurrencies by total market capitalization and that has gone up crazy over the past few days.