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Beware of these apps that target cryptocurrency theft


 Thousands of users were exposed as victims of fake applications targeting their cryptocurrencies, according to a recent press report.

These fraudulent applications carry malware that penetrates the devices installed on them and steals information, including keys to cryptocurrency wallets.

Beware of these apps that target cryptocurrency theft

Intezer Labs, a company specialized in security protection and vulnerability detection, has published a report that carries a number of details about malicious programs and applications.

The report bears the name "ElectroRAT" and reveals malicious programs, including new ones that spread in December 2020, and programs dating back to January 2020.

The report included reference to three programs aimed at stealing digital currencies, and they were developed to work on different operating systems of Windows, Mac and Linux.

These programs are named:

"Jamm", "eTrade" (or Kintum), and "DaoPoker".

The "Intezer" report describes the exploitation as extremely dangerous, as it is able to record what is typed on the keyboard, download and execute files, upload files, and take screenshots without the user's knowledge.

The company "Intezer" also explains in its report that these programs are being promoted and distributed through cryptocurrency groups and Twitter.

According to the same report, at least 6,500 users have been affected by this malware.

The bogus program was created using the "Electron" application building platform and coded from scratch in the "Go" language, rather than using ready-to-use malicious code.

According to "Intezer Labs", the use of "Go" likely makes it easier for creators to develop rapid versions for multiple platforms, while "ZDNet" notes that the complexity of the language makes the analysis and detection of malware more difficult.

Intezer Labs commented about building these programs from scratch by saying:
Writing malware from scratch allowed programs to fly under the radar for nearly a year without being detected by antivirus programs.

 If you have used any of these fraudulent programs mentioned above, "Intezer", then you should immediately transfer your encrypted digital currencies to another secure device and change the passwords, and it is better to reformat the device completely to get rid of this malware radically.