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Apple develops expensive virtual and augmented reality glasses


Apple develops expensive virtual and augmented reality glasses

A full over six years ago, we heard a report that Apple wanted to enter the world of virtual reality. Two years later, the report again hinted at the significant entry of the global technology giant until it reached its last in November, two years ago, when a report mentioned "Apple" working on glasses for virtual reality and augmented reality together.

Apple develops expensive virtual and augmented reality glasses

Today ... nothing new, we have another report.

The report said that "Apple" is currently working on developing expensive eyeglasses, which will be the first step to introduce more advanced devices in that industry.

Bloomberg is primarily responsible for that report, which has confirmed that the new glasses will support both virtual and augmented reality technologies - a confirmation of a previous report.

Naturally, the Apple VR / AR glasses will be able to play games, videos, and perform basic communication functions.

It seems that iPhone and iOS manufacturers are targeting the beginning of the next year as a window for the launch - although this remains subject to change according to the developments in the global situation with the Corona pandemic.

Apple is said to be integrating an even more powerful processor than the nascent M1 processor, which will require a fan in the glasses - although we don't know how this will really be implemented in the latter.

It is noteworthy - in a related matter - that consumer spending on virtual reality exceeded one billion dollars in 2020.