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GTA 6 might be the reboot of the entire series


GTA 6 might be the reboot of the whole series and its world is separate from that of GTA 5 

The rumors of the GTA 6 game multiply as we progress more, especially with the arrival of the new generation devices. It is worth noting that we now know that the game is already under development, and this is what has been confirmed to us by many unofficial sources and followers of Rockstar news and games, as well as we learned that the game Bully 2 was canceled for the third time To focus more on the game and also on Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Game Rant, an informed website, has published a report explaining its expectations about the direction of Rockstar in the next part, which we expect to bear the name GTA 6, as it is expected to be completely separate from the world of GTA 5, citing several facts and theories that we will mention to you below, but before that, the same source raised a beautiful point And it is logical that it is possible to make a new and complete reboot of the series through the next part. Does this matter happen in your opinion or is it completely excluded ..!

What is the evidence that proves the next part’s separation from the worlds of the previous parts?

The first evidence:

And he is that Rockstar has done this same thing “separation” with the previous parts, many parts of the series, whether the main or even the sub-parts, each with its own world and heroes as well as its own personalities, for example, to look at GTA 4 and its world compared to GTA 5 and its heroes as well as its world and now developing Online own.

The second evidence:

It is the distinctive method that Rockstar uses with the parts of the series so that it divides each world in a wonderful engineering way, for example, the world of the GTA 4 game is beautifully divided and has a period of its own, where the vehicles and tastes are well suited to that world, also the GTA 5 game is located in an era suitable for its characters and also suitable Us as players.

These indications according to the source say that the next part will not link anything to the previous parts and thus will have its own era, and Rockstar will certainly succeed in that because it has experience in doing such things without distracting the player, but if the next part is Reboot, there must be new ideas, whether in mechanical The gameplay or method of presenting the story and events is different from what the previous parts presented so far. What do you want, our followers, to reboot through a new part or a separate continuation of the series with new characters and a new era ..?