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One of Spider-Man 2's enemies appears to have leaked his identity

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One of the most successful PlayStation 4 games was Marvel Spider-man. The game was released, and until now, the game has sold more than 9 million sold copies, and I remember that the game made a big fuss because of its incredible story.

Well, as you know, the Insomniac Games development team will reunite with Marvel to work on the second part of the Spider-Man game and will probably be named Marvel Spider-man 2. It seems that today we are on a date with the first assurances about potential enemies in the segment The second.

But before that, we mention that the whole game is quoted in full and literally from the magazine Marvel Spider-man City at War, and today released the second issue of the magazine revealing a new enemy of Spider-Man unusual shape as you see the picture below.

This new enemy is called Swarm, which lives in the swamps of New York City and resembles the form of amphibian insects, which has made many people expect its presence in the second part of the game as the first unofficial enemy after Spider-Man.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 is likely to be for the PlayStation 5, but unfortunately, there is no official confirmation yet about the validity of this information, but what we know is that the game is coming sooner or later, according to the latest development team's comments. Your predictions will see Swarm appear in the game Marvel Spider-man 2