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Chinese media: America exploits intellectual property rights in politics

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Chinese media on Monday criticized the United States for alleged intellectual property theft, calling it a "political tool" aimed at suppressing China's economic development.
The United States claims that China has stolen its own technology through its companies, as trade tension between the world's two largest economies increases.
People's Daily published an article attacking Section 301 in a March 2018 Washington report, saying publishers had fabricated allegations that China had stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property from the United States.
"If the report is based on imaginary or selective data, it is nothing more than a fiction," the paper said. "Intellectual property rights must be a bridge for innovation and cooperation among nations. In the hands of the United States, it has become a political tool, a weapon to contain other countries, and a cover for bullying the world. "
According to the Chinese newspaper, China is leading the world in the protection of intellectual property rights. "China has established a relatively rigorous and high-quality legal system for intellectual property, and it continuously strengthens judicial protection of intellectual property," she said.
Many foreign companies have voluntarily participated in technical cooperation and have received lucrative returns. "Even if the problems involve intellectual property, they can be solved entirely by legitimate means."

In January, the US government launched an investigation into Huawei's attempt to steal technology from T-Mobile. Huawei has denied the charges.