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7 things Google is expected to announce during the I / O 2019 conference

Google is preparing to hold its annual Google I / O 2019 conference from May 7 to 9 in Mountain View, California. The conference is one of the most important technical events expected every year, as Google unveils all its new features in smartphones, its efforts in developing artificial intelligence, automated learning, and the Android operating system, as well as new updates to its Google Assistant voice assistant and other distinctive products.

Here are our expectations for what will be revealed by Google during the conference, according to some information and leaks, and as previously announced by Google:

1 - Android system Q:
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The latest version of the Android operating system is usually launched at the Google Developers Conference, and this year the new version will be Android Q. It is noteworthy that Google launched the first beta version of the Android Q system in March, which we noticed that it carries many advantages such as Faster content sharing, location data control, app access, folding phone support, and more privacy options.

Google is also expected to announce the arrival of the Android Q beta to some phones, as it did last year with Android Bay.

2- Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL:
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Google I / O usually does not include the announcement of many of Google's new devices, where the focus is more on different programs, operating systems, and Google platforms, but it is expected that this year's conference will be relatively important for hardware , Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, the low-cost version of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL launched by Google last year.

Google is seeking to compete in the mid-market smartphone market, which is suitable for the growing segment of consumers today. The price is expected to be $ 500 to $ 600, changing some of the internal features, while retaining the same camera as the phones Pixel 3 leading.

3- Chrome OS OS:
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Google recently released a new version of Chrome OS, announcing that it includes a number of bug fixes and security updates, but these updates will reach users over the next few days.

Google is expected to announce some new features and enhancements to Chromebooks Chrome OS through the Chrome OS.

4 - New features in Google Apps and Services:
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Google Apps and Services are one of the most exciting topics in the annual I / O conference, where Google attracts the attention of users, so we expect you to get the most prominent services and applications - Google Assistant, Gmail, Maps, Google Play Store, Google Drive, On features, and new improvements.

Google constantly works on these applications, services, but keeps the most prominent features, so you can talk about them during the conference that attracts the attention of those interested in technology around the world.

5. Wear OS for Smart Watches:

Wear OS is the wearable device operating system developed by Google and is expected to announce a new system update during the conference, which may include a major change to the user interface, as well as support for many new features and some performance improvements.

6-Stadia's Stadia:

Google has announced in March a platform for the broadcast of games called Stadia but did not provide much of the details, so we do not have a full idea of ​​all the features of Stadia, and we have seen only limited offers to this moment, and there is also no information about prices , Or service availability on a global scale.

This year's conference will feature many sessions focusing on the Stadia platform from the developer's perspective, helping them to properly develop their games to suit the platform's functionality, as well as sessions that will give more details to the user about how Stadia works, Eager to launch the platform officially later this year.

7-Nest Hub Max:

A recent leak on the Nest Hub Max device appeared on Google's online store, where the device appeared under the Home Assistance section, so it is expected that Google will change the name of Google Home Hub, which you launch on smart screens to become Google Nest Hub.

Leaks also indicate that the device will come with a 10-inch screen, stereo speakers, in addition, to support video chat.