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there is no God of War DLC coming for the game


God of War is a resounding success for Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, collecting game of the

 year awards left, right and center. To the disappointment of fans, director Cory Barlog has continuously reiterated that the game would not be receiving extra content, but fans will gain access to a free dynamic theme and avatar set.

Throughout this week, God of War’s soft reboot is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a free dynamic theme and avatars to any and all PlayStation 4 owners. Barlog began teasing “that’s not all” on his official Twitter account, potentially sending media outlets and fans into a frenzy.

Fortunately, Barlog’s experience lends him the foresight to avoid this conundrum with a swift follow-up stating that “there is no DLC coming for the game.” This is something that has been known for quite some time after Barlog previously revealed to Kinda Funny that expansions for the already sizeable game were “too ambitious” in planning and therefore scrapped.

Instead of focusing on the “really fun idea,” which would have been large enough for a standalone release, the team has shifted its efforts towards the future of the series. It remains to be seen what news Barlog is teasing, with many turning their head towards the next entry.

Reports have previously suggested that flagship studios have turned their attention away from the PlayStation 4 and onto the console’s upcoming successor, which would mean that it’s unlikely that Sony’s Santa Monica Studio can let anything slip just yet. Then again, it could just as easily be a dual release often seen in Nintendo’s Zelda franchise.

I see: God of War is definitely a gem of this generation’s line-up that I’m grateful to have experienced. Personally, I can’t wait for the next installment and hope we get to hear more soon. Did you enjoy God of War