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Sony unveils its first hardware specifications PlayStation 5

We square measure still a short while aloof from Sony’s next PlayStation launch however it's just like the company is prepared to start out talking regarding the hardware way ahead of expected. In AN interview in the week, PlayStation system designer, Mark Cerny, began talking regarding the planned upgrades for PS5, confirming some rumours and adding on a number of additional details.

Speaking in AN interview with Wired in the week, Cerny confirmed that the PlayStation five are going to be supported AMD hardware once more. The central processor are going to be third generation Ryzen, whereas the GPU are going to be supported AMD’s forthcoming Radeon Navi design. The new console can apparently support ray tracing, additionally to new 3D audio technology, that is baked into the central processor design itself.

Beyond that, Sony seems to be committing to shortening loading times. HDD speeds became a true issue this generation, with some games taking many minutes to totally load on consoles. With the next-gen PlayStation, consoles can finally create the jump to SSDs, though Cerny didn't share any details on capacities. Even now, 1TB SSDs square measure costly for computer homeowners, thus it'll be fascinating to check however this impacts evaluation.

The final choice morsel value noting is that the PS5 is confirmed to possess backwards compatibility with the PS4, thus your games library can carry over with none problems. sadly, that's all the knowledge we've for currently as no unharness windows or timetables were shared. the sole issue that Cerny would say sure enough is that the new console won’t be kicking off this year.

I see Many rumours were confirmed today. We’ve been hearing for a while that PS5 will be Ryzen/Navi based, and that a 2020 release window is targeted. Still, the mention of ray tracing and SSDs is surprising to me. Now, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of details Microsoft shares at E3, as we know the next Xbox is also on the way.