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Osteopath Traveller will release on Steam in June

Earlier this month, we have a tendency to learned that sq. Enix’s Nintendo Switch exclusive, Octopath traveler, may well be heading to the computer this year. At the time, the sole proof we have a tendency to had was AN early listing from Korea’s software package rating board. Then, a fleetly removed post on sq. Enix’s web site gave the North American nation a lot of data. Now, all has been confirmed, with Octopath traveler emotional on Steam in the Gregorian calendar month.

After removing the initial announcement late last week, these days sq. Enix formally confirmed that Octopath traveler can launch on computer. the sport is coming back via Steam and sq. Enix’s own digital store on the seventh of Gregorian calendar month.

Osteopath traveler may be a prolonged JRPG that takes inspiration from classic Final Fantasy and a lot of trendy titles like courageously Default. the sport puts the player up to the speed of eight characters, every with their own story arcs which will be content through in any order. Here may be a list 
of all eight characters

  • Alberic: AN old knight in search of redemption
  • Cyrus: A scholar whose book smarts don’t continually equate to a sense
  • Tressa: AN evangelistic businessperson World Health Organization is traveling the planet to hone her skills
  • Ophelia: A noble churchman on a pilgrim's journey to Osteria's holy sites
  • Primrose: A fallen noble on an exploration to revenge her dead father
  • Alfyn: A naive chemist determined to assist folks regardless of the value
  • Therion: a talented criminal cornered in AN not possible state of affairs
  • Hannity: AN professional hunter, following down her missing master
Square Enix is trying to show Octopath into its own franchise. Not solely can the initial game be coming back to computer additionally to Nintendo Switch, however, there's conjointly a prequel game in development. Osteopath Traveller: Champions of the Continent can surface before the events of
the most game and launch on iOS and golem later this year

  Isee:I thoroughly enjoyed my 30 hours with Octopath Traveller on the Switch, although I didn’t get around to beating the game. Perhaps this PC launch will tempt me into picking it back up again. Will any of you be interested in Octopath Traveller when it comes to PC? Have you tried out the game on Switch already