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Highlights of 6 updates expected to be added Phone camera for iPhone 2020


Highlights of 6 updates expected to be added Phone camera for iPhone 2020

Apple is expected to continue its annual strategy for the unveiling of new iPhone phones in September, a tradition that has been maintained by the company since 2012, and many analysts predict that the camera phones will receive many promotions.

Until then, rumors and reports will appear regularly - as usual - about updates to be added to iPhone phones. There are rumors that the iPhone 2019 will support reverse wireless charging for the first time and is likely to work with new and improved Apple processors, which will perform better. But changes to the camera are expected to be among the highlights of the Apple event this year.

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Cameras have become one of the most important features of smartphones now, and are the most powerful reason for users to upgrade their phones. Apple has been a leader in the improvements of its phone camera over the past years. It has included important additions such as Portrait Mode, Her at this time to be included in her phones.

Here are the top 6 updates expected to be added to the phone camera for the iPhone 2019:

1 - Rear camera three lenses:

It is expected that this year's new iPhone will be with a three-lens rear camera just like the Samsung Galaxy S10, currently on the market, according to Wall Street Journal reports, Bloomberg, and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities Finance.

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max currently have a dual rear camera, a 12-megapixel basic lens, and a secondary telephoto lens to zoom in.

It is not entirely clear which of the three new phones will support the tri-camera system, where it is reported that this feature will be limited to the higher-priced phone, and is likely to be the successor phone iPhone XS Max.

2- Wide camera lens:

According to reports from the Bloomberg newspaper and analyst Ming Chi-ko, the third lens can be a wide-angle lens, similar to the lens currently on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The details available about the wide-angle lens that is expected to be in iPhone phones so far are considered very few. But if it looks like the lens on the Galaxy S10, you can expect to capture dramatic images with a much broader view than most competing smartphones. Apple can also use this lens for a feature that will enable the operating system to digitally fix images, in situations where photography may be cut, according to Bloomberg.

3 - New sensor for the camera:

The tri-camera is expected to enhance enhanced reality applications on the new iPhone, allowing deeper insight into and placement of virtual objects, which will help capture deeper images. Accordingly, it is reported that Apple is in talks with Sony about the testing and development of new sensors.

4. Enhance the front camera:

The new iPhone camera will rise to 12 megapixels, a significant increase to the 7-megapixel resolution in the current Apple lineup, said analyst Ming Chih-too.

5. Improve face recognition system Face ID:

Apple is also making improvements to the Face Recognition System for upcoming iPhone handsets. The phones will have an updated Face ID sensor to make it easier to open the phone and approve phone payments in a smoother way, according to Bloomberg.

6. Increase the duration of Live Photos clips:

It is also expected that Apple will increase the duration of videos captured by Live Photos because the current 3-minute duration is considered too short for some, but it is unclear whether this will be an update to the upcoming version of the iOS 13 operating system. Will it be available for all iPhone phones, or will it be limited to new phones only?

Live Photos is one of the features of the camera that Apple introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6S, which lets you capture memories as they happen, with 3-second audio animations.