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Destiny may have had cross-platform character transfers however apparently Sony blocked it

While Destiny has constantly been a multi-platform series, it's constantly had shut ties with PlayStation, with the PS4 version typically getting the majority of marketing. sadly, this deal seems to have had academic degree adverse result for Destiny a combine of, as Sony reportedly pushed back on the thought of allowing Destiny one players to transfer their characters to Destiny a combine of on laptop.

According to imaginary creature Schreier on the foremost recent Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Bungie was going to let Destiny one players transfer their characters between platforms. this might ar considerably wise for people who needed to make the jump from console to laptop. However, Sony would not close on it, as a result of the corporate   

 wants of us to associate Destiny with PS4

 Sony has been one in every of the biggest supporters of Destiny since launch. the first game had associate exclusivity deal in place, allowing certain things of in-game content to remain fastened to PS4 for necessary periods of some time. With Destiny 2, this deal remained in place, tho' Xbox and laptop players get access to PS4-only content barely faster.

Sony has long-faced its excusable share of criticism over the last year for not enjoying well with developers making an attempt to support multiple platforms. Eventually, Sony did yield on allowing cross-platform play for specific multiplayer games, but it's like there is still house for improvement.

I see:  While I am sure Sony’s lack of support for character transfers wasn’t the only reason behind Destiny 2’s progress wipe, it likely did play a significant factor. Now that Bungie is independent, perhaps we’ll see the situation change when it comes time to announce Destiny 3. Personally, I’d like to see timed exclusive content done away with completely.