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DEA demanded a user's login from LastPass

In brief: positive identification managers have become AN progressively vital tool within the fight against hackers, serving to cut back incidents wherever constant credentials area unit re-used across multiple websites. Their quality has crystal rectifier to organization difficult the login details of suspected criminals, however, corporations like LastPass won’t, and typically can’t, hand them over.
Administration (DEA) demanded that LogMeIn, owner of LastPass, render logins, physical IP addresses, and communications of client Stephan Caamano, WHO is charged with trafficking a counterfeit drug and hiding.

LastPass ne'er gave up his login details, however, it did provide the DEA the IP addresses Caamano used, whereas conjointly revealing the date his account was created and once it had been last used. “Such info permits investigators to know the geographic and written record context of LastPass access, use, and events about the crime below investigation,” explained the appliance for the warrant.

The Champaign, Illinois, resident allegedly trafficked massive quantities of pills containing benzodiazepine, that is sold below the marque Xanax, consistent with the indictment. one among his customers aforementioned they ordered the drug from a Reddit user known as “Googleplex,” WHO was conjointly active on Dream Market, the darknet marketplace wherever everything from hard drug to purloined money information will be purchased.

When in remission on might twenty-nine, officers discovered the LastPass extension on Caamano’s computer, resulting in the demand for his login details from LogMeIn. A proponent for the corporate explained why the request couldn't be fulfilled: “User passwords keep on LogMeIn's servers area unit solely done therefore in AN encrypted format. the sole manner they get decrypted is on the user’s facet, and therefore the manner that happens—the decoding key—is the user’s master positive identification (used to log into LastPass), that isn't received by or offered to LogMeIn/LastPass. In different words, we've no means that of decrypting user positive identification info on our facet, and thus, we have a tendency to area unit unable to produce these passwords.”

Other positive identification managers conjointly build it troublesome, if not not possible, for presidency agencies to access user info, although we have a tendency to don’t understand if this is often true of each service. ensure to browse the total Forbes article here