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Bitcoin will be a multi-billion dollar asset class

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Bitcoin gains may not be equivalent, but the price is steadily rising, with BTC currently flying at $ 5300, the positives on the currency have improved dramatically, yet the price of the Betcairn continues to trade at 75% below its peak.

A new report from Adamant Capital, a licensed investment firm with key areas of activity - financial intermediation, asset management, investment research, corporate finance, and institutional consulting - notes that the funds represented by the BTC whales are still in the "accumulation" phase, reflecting the last phase of the falling market.

The company managing the Alpha Betquin Fund advises valuable investors on the right time to buy. Once the BTC bulls consolidate their grip, the price of the Betcuene goes to the moon. Analysis points to:

"During this accumulation phase, we expect the currency of the Betcairn to range from $ 3,000 to $ 6,500 so that the new bull market will permanently consolidate the digital currency as an asset class in the trillions of dollars."

Investors fear in 2018

The digital currency market is heading to the top as digital assets compete in capital markets.

So, how do you explain the fall of last year?

When the price fell below $ 6,000, the owners of BTC became alarmed and sold their savings from digital currencies. Adamant Capital notes that more than 70,000 coins from Betquin were sold daily.

The situation worsened when the Coinbase rebuilt part of its BTC currency. This activity gave the corporate investor community fear at the end of 2018.

But in 2019, investors began to dispel fear and returned again to enter the digital currency market.

Based on the historical data of KFH in the accumulation phase

Based on the historical gains and declines of the Betcairn we have returned to an area below its real value. This does not mean that the price of the Betcuene will not test its November lows, but the fundamentals indicate other low volatility, which is a sure sign that "retail speculators have come out and Traders and long-term investors have come back.

The accumulation phase

If the Pitcairn returns to "strong hands", then why not see higher prices?

The accumulation phase reflects a time when value investors buy a level from a level so they are not in a hurry to do so. They will continue to accumulate BTC throughout this stage no matter how long it takes, which explains why the market will be fixed for a while.

The thing to remember is that the fundamentals of the major digital currencies remain solid and that the digital currency ecosystem is developing very rapidly, and if it is true, the Pitcairn bulls are growing every day.